Call for Proposals

The conference

The conference is meant to be the place in the 2020s where people and ideas from professional software architecture and real world agile adoption congregate/mingle/come together.

With two conference days and two workshop days there will be plenty of time and opportunity to spread your ideas on how to bring those worlds together.

After decades of professional software architecture and 20 years after the agile manifesto there are still many questions left unanswered when it comes to different approaches and their tradeoffs. This is the place to address the questions you deem most important in this realm and suggest your answers.

The sessions - delivering tangible insights 

We're looking for talks about the topics you have encountered so often that you are passionate about spreading your ideas on how to approach those issues. 

Some examples could be:

  • Domain architecture between UML and DDD
  • Evolving an architecture amongst fast growing independent teams
  • How your agile transformation encountered your architecture practices--and what occurred.
  • How to be regulatory compliant with agile architecture

But we are sure you have many more real-live topics to address...

The two tracks will be “architects curious about agile” and “agilists curious about architecture” and these are also the two main personas we would like you to address with your talk.

Regular Sessions

Session should be 40 Minutes including Q&A. We're especially looking for sessions with a well balanced mixture of lecture style content and hands on experiences for the participants. 


Workshops (paid for separately) will be offered the day before the conference and the day after the conference. There is room for two workshops each of those days.

Your Submission

We use Sessionize to collect your submission and to help us evaluating the submissions and create a program. You will need to register with Sessionize to submit. In order to submit we will ask you to provide the following:

  • Title of the session
  • An abstract describing the session
  • Type of the session (regular or workshop)
  • The track you think the session should belong to
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • Your photo
  • Your email
  • Optionally more contact information like your Twitter handle

All submitted sessions are expected to be in english.

The Call for Proposals ended 31 August 2020.

Many thanks to all people who proposed a talk. We will keep you updated.