Bringing together Agility and Software Architecture since 2022

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If you haven't heard of the Agile meets Architecture before – this is the conference truly bridging the worlds of agile software development and software architecture. We bring together thought leaders from both worlds.

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Previous Speakers

Just a small selection of people we had the honor of hosting earlier

Committee and organization

The people who made the previous AmAs such a success, either as organizers or the ones who curated the program.

Aino Corry

Author of “Retrospectives Antipatterns”

Dajana Günther

Conference & Event Manager @ INNOQ

Jan Stępień

Senior Consultant @ INNOQ

Jörg Müller

Principal Consultant @ INNOQ

Luxshan Ratnaravi

Author of “Comic Agilé”

Michael Mahlberg

Founder of Consulting Guild

Patrick Kua

Tech Leader. Author, former CTO/Chief Scientist @ N26

Stefan Tilkov

CEO & Principal Consultant @ INNOQ

Susanne Kaiser

Independent tech consultant

What is Agile meets Architecture?

The convergence of Software Architecture and Agile Software Development is a critical aspect of modern product development. However, until recently, there were limited opportunities for experts, practitioners, and thought leaders from both communities to exchange ideas.

If you are interested in being part of the conference get in touch.