The Open Discussion Track

The Atelier provides room for two simultaneous discussions at a time (and we have some beautiful outside spots as well)

Everyone is welcome to post their own sessions on the Atelier-Schedule board on the ground floor, close to the reception desk.

–     Choose either track and put a session-postIt/A4 in the appropriate track at you intended starting time.
–     The session description should contain:

•       The topic
•       The discussion area (A or B)
•       The starting time & the duration
•       Your name

–     Hint: it’s a good idea to pick a time at least one session break into the future, so people can actually see the announcement
–     Hint: You can either pick any time for the session, regardless of whether it is during break times or session times, for your discussion round. If you pick session times, your discussion round might be rather small. Or not, depending on the circumstances.

The currently planned Atelier sessions can always be found at that board in the Palais.

If you have posted a session please make sure that you're in the Atelier around the announced time :-)