Comic Agile: Architect

Luxshan Ratnaravi

July 18, 2023
Luxshan Ratnaravi

Architects, regardless of their focus on enterprise, solution, or system, should not be isolated in an Ivory Tower, detached from the Scrum Team(s) they are designing for. Instead of being an external role or an individual within the team, Architect should be a competency possessed by all Developers in the Scrum Team. To achieve this, having a dedicated Architect within the team or a team of teams/Tribe can be a starting point, with the emphasis on coaching and developing Architect competencies among the Developers.

In the view of Comic Agile, the Architect competency entails three key aspects: 1) assisting the Scrum Team in understanding the importance of aligning Done Product Increments with relevant architectural guidelines and principles, 2) educating other Developers and the organization on constructing emergent and adaptable architecture based on thorough analysis of business and domain requirements, and 3) establishing indicators to assess whether the architecture aligns with its desired characteristics, such as Fitness Functions.

Enjoy the chapter about the Architect, courtesy  of Comic Agile.

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