The Venue

Conference Venue

Agile meets Architecture will be held in KulturBrauerei situated Schönhauser Allee 36, 10435 Berlin. To find us on the site by following the path on the map below.
Please use the entrance at Maschinenhaus.

Rooms on site

Map of KLulturbrauerei incl. WC

Entrance Area and Registration

At the entrance you will find the registration desk. You can also come back here if you have any questions during the conference or need help otherwise.

We will also have some additional services like:


The Kesselhaus is located at the ground floor. It is the main stage of the conference. The conference keynote will start here on Thursday.


The Maschinenhaus is located at the first floor. It is the second stage of our conference. You can get to the Maschinenhaus using the stairs at the back of the Kesselhaus. Should you require an alternative to the stairs please let us know. There is an elevator available in another part of the building.

Palais and Palais Galerie

The Palais and the Palais Galerie are used as catering area. You can also find the sponsors of our conference here. You can get to the Palais by walking through the door on the right side at the front of the Kesselhaus. You can use the stairs or the elevator from Palais to get to the Galerie.

Atelier and Rooftop

Should you require a quiet space for some work, a nice chat with other participants or simply to relax you are welcome to the Atelier and the Rooftop. You can get there by using the elevator in the Palais. Just go to the top floor. You can find many tables, lounge furniture and a beautiful view across Berlin.