Not sure if you should attend AmA 2023?

Here is how last year looked and felt as an attendee

The Venue

Last year's conference was hosted at KulturBrauerei, one of Berlin's prominent cultural hubs. This accessible and aesthetically pleasing location created an inviting environment, fostering collaboration and engagement among fellow practitioners and software enthusiasts. It served as a fitting backdrop for those committed to exploring and advancing the field.

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Featured Speakers

Agile meets Architecture 2023 featured notable speakers such as Susane Kaiser, Randy Shoup, Rebecca Parson, among others, each with a substantial background in the software space. Their talks revolved around best practices and guiding principles that exist at the complex intersection of software architecture and agile methodologies, topics often debated amongst professionals in our field.

The 2022 talks, all of which were recorded, delved into case studies, methodologies, and practical applications that can resonate with both seasoned agilists and architects. If you're interested in these areas, the YouTube recordings from 2022 might be worth your time.

Some of the highly regarded sessions from last year, which stirred interest and active discussions among our fellow experts, include:


Network Opportunities and Attendees' Feedback

The conference last year offered multiple opportunities for networking, both during breaks and at informal get-togethers after the event. This facilitated valuable exchanges among professionals in the field. Feedback from attendees provides insight into the experience:

  • Over 70% rated the overall conference as "extremely good."
  • 92% were satisfied with the lineup of speakers and the content they delivered.
  • Over 75% indicated they would recommend the conference to a fellow colleague or friend
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