Towards Architecture Organization Topologies for Sustainable Fast Flow of Change


October 5, 2023 9:15 AM

In this talk, I will share a concept that I have been working on, which I am calling "Architecture Organization Topologies", or "Architecture Topologies" for short ([]( It focuses on defining thinking models and practices to help organizations to better understand and evolve their architectural, design, and decision-making approaches and structures. These elements are essential to achieve a more sustainable flow of change.During this talk, I will introduce the basic ideas behind Architecture Topologies and discuss some interesting topologies for modern organizations, such as "Architecture as an Enabling Team" and "Anybody Architects". I will show how important it is that organizations continuously improve their architectural approaches and, in particular, strive for more decentralized approaches. Specifically, enable teams and people closer to the challenges to design and decide with clear alignment to the surrounding scopes of the organization.These changes will not happen overnight, but I will share examples and experiences that show it is possible and leads to better adaptability to dynamic environments most organizations are working on.My aim with Architecture Topologies is to encourage people to embrace the idea that architecture, design, and decision-making approaches should change over time. Therefore, developing such thinking models and language within our organizations that acknowledge this fact is essential. This will help us continuously improve our approach to architecture and, with that, better cope with changes in our context and environment.