Practices from trenches for embracing evolutionary architecture in wild


October 6, 2023 2:15 PM

In this talk, you will hear stories about challenges that organizations face when adopting evolutionary architecture practices, and how to go about addressing them. You will hear protocols around adopting a decision making framework that lets engineering teams decide when to move fast and when to go slow especially when you are dealing with adopting your architecture to changing business landscape. The talk also covers ideas to engage rest of your organisation on embracing an evolutionary way of creating architectures, practices around documentation and visualisation, and finally governance models that works to make sure the teams are making the right incremental decisions around architecture. If you are someone who is new to evolutionary architecture, you will get to take away ideas to discuss with your teams. For someone who is already practising this, the ideas in the talk will resonate with you, and give you new ways of thinking about challenges you are facing.