The call for your proposals

“Agile meets Architecture” is back in its second year, and the first year was a blast. Have a look at what happened last year on our youtube channel.

Become part of the people shaping the 2023 AmA-Conf in Berlin on October 5 and 6, by submitting your proposal before April 2, 23:59 CEST.

You are very welcome to submit your talk(s) to Agile meets Architecture and KanDDDinsky. If you get selected for both conferences the organizers will schedule your talk at the respective conference in a way that your schedule will work out.

Feedback and program building

We will build the program from early April through to June 2, 2023. Since we build the program from your proposals we might contact you during that time to fine tune content and program. Final notice to all people who submitted proposals will be sent out by June 3, 2023.

The conference

The conference continues to be the place in the 2020s where people and ideas from professional software architecture and real world agile adoption congregate/mingle/come together.

With two conference days there will be plenty of time and opportunity to spread your ideas on how to bring those worlds together.

After decades of professional software architecture and more than 20 years after the agile manifesto there are still many questions left unanswered when it comes to different approaches and their tradeoffs. This is the place to address the questions you deem most important in this realm and suggest your answers.

The sessions – delivering tangible insights

We want the program to reflect today’s tough questions and their answers in a representative and actionable way.

We actively curate the program and the idea is to have only one introductory talk per concept and then some in depth talks for those topics, so you can submit proposals for both kinds of sessions.

Range of proposal topics

We want to create a program built upon your input around the main topic of the conference: How do agile approaches and software architecture complement or counteract each other and how do we best handle that?

To get you started, here are some broad topics we, the program committee, would like to see at the conference:

Agile and Architecture in the context of

  • software that’s older than you are
  • legacy systems
  • (big) architecture improvements

Agile software development and large environments 

  • Architectural governance
  • Agile decision making in large organizations
  • Architectural decision making in agile environments

Culture clashes between "Agilists" and "Architects"    

  • The troubles Agilists have with Architects (and vice versa)
  • Role of managers and management in agile organizations

Practical issues

  • DevEx or Developer Productivity
  • Delete Your Backlog
  • Pair programming/Ensemble Programming

The learning organization

  • Teaching and didactics
  • Communicating Architecture to Teams

(New) Trends and their impact on agility and architecture

  • No Code; Low Code
  • Serverless approaches

Surprise us: How would you tag your talk?

Session timing

Session should be 40 Minutes including Q&A. We're especially looking for sessions with a well balanced mixture of lecture style content and hands on experiences for the participants.

Your Submission

We use Sessionize to collect your submission and to help us evaluating the submissions and create a program. You will need to register with Sessionize to submit. In order to submit we will ask you to provide the following:

  • Title of the session
  • An abstract describing the session
  • Type of the session (introductory or deep dive)
  • Tags, how *you* would characterize your talk
  • Your name
  • Your title
  • A short bio
  • Your photo
  • Your email
  • Optionally more contact information like your Twitter handle

All submitted sessions are expected to be in English.

Submit your proposal