Agility and Architecture Together – Enabling a Fast Flow of Change


September 6, 2022 9:30 AM

As software professionals, our goal is to sustainably provide value to our customers via a fast flow of change. Decades of experience and industry research show us a few ways to do software well, and many ways to do software poorly. Time and again, the evidence shows that when we bring together agile practices with a decoupled architecture, we can reliably achieve better outcomes through software – sooner, safer and happier.

This keynote will discuss how high-performing software organizations around the world leverage both architecture and agile practices together, and will dispel the myth that architecture and agility are somehow in conflict. In a mutually self-reinforcing way, good architecture is a prerequisite for agility, and agile practices in turn enable iterative improvements to the architecture. We will discuss empowered teams, small batches, and tight feedback loops, as well as modularization and continuous delivery techniques.

You will leave with some powerful, proven, and often counterintuitive approaches to help your organizations deliver a fast flow of change to your customers.

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