Heavyweight agile methods?!? Let’s make them Lean(er).


September 7, 2022 10:15 AM

When the Agile movement began, it started with the term “lightweight processes”. Lean was closely interwoven with some of the approaches and very often referred to in the general discussion - nowadays you hardly ever read about it.

If you really want to use “Agile” approaches for more than just pushing notes over the wall, or holding meetings as ceremonies, a look at Lean is not only helpful, but actually inevitable. Straight from ‘Lean' come many approaches that are helpful in the agile realm like:
Visual Management (as an approach to empowerment),
the Improvement Kata (as a leadership method),
the Jidoka concept (as an approach to deal with automation),
and many other ideas for change and organization,

which we will present in this talk. We’ll also put them in the context of currently fashionable approaches (like the Kanban method, Scrum, SAFe, etc.).

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