The Story of Knut - retrospective of an agile transformation in non-agile enviroment


October 5, 2023 10:15 AM

The story of “Knut” is based on a real person, senior developer Knit – and coffee chats with him started the idea of this talk. I started talking with/interviewing a group of experienced developers and IT personnel on all the levels of our organization, so “Knut” in this talk  actually refers to a group of people working in the same organization.It discusses how the people have been experiencing this change towards agile mindset and ways of working, mostly seen from the developers point of view.So what has changed? Mindset, methods, culture? Have I managed to support him (as an agile coach) or was there something Knut wishes we would be doing differently? What has been successful? What are the learning points we have gathered from the journey so far?As such, this talk can be viewed as mine and Knut’s retrospective on our journey towards the agile mindset and highlights the do’s and don’ts for agile coaches, managers and IT professionals during an agile transformation in a non-agile environment.